XRP And God Force

reports that XRP will be used as the bridge asset for all currencies moving forward. I got interested in Ripple and XRP in 2020 after the market crashed, when I asked a friend who sells bullion in Canada what cryptos he invest in. At the time, he told me that he buys XRP when it hits .16 and sells it when it goes to .20 cents.
I started to slowly move my marginal BitCoin holdings, remember, this was my first attempt at investing, and started to move into XRP. It has gone steadily up since then, and I started listening to the Digital Asset Investor on YouTube.
I had sent my friend in Canada some money from exchanging my retirement money for bullion. When the border was closed, between the US and Canada, he had no way to send the bullion to me. I asked him if he could send it to me in XRP. Five minutes later I had my investment back. At that time XRP has risen to a whopping .28 cents and I worried that it was going to crash. When the SEC started threatening to close XRP trading, I bought more. I am a long-term holder. It is down right now, and I am not a financial investor, but if I had any money, which I don’t, due to being put on unpaid leave by the Department of Education, I would buy the dips. The platform Uphold still sells XRP, but it is unavailable in NYC. If you come from another state, and own bitcoin, you might want to think a bit about the fact that bitcoin has very limited practical value. It is slow and expensive to move, plus it has ties to the CCP. As the Digital Asset Investor likes to say, “XRP is the one.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4c1iNaG2ao

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