Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S) are being destroyed.

Underneath the political maneuverings, underneath social restlessness, underneath Hollywood, the CIA, FBI, and the Elites, underneath the surface of the planet, lies a vast network of tunnels and cities.

From Antarctica to Australia, men and their doings, some of it which lies in the realm of horror too great for any normal person to stomach, speed on high tech magnetic railroad systems to do the bidding of the dark masters – Reptilians, Greys, evil ETs who worked with Nazi scientists, and our own beloved government in secret. Call it the Military-Industrial Complex, the Deep State, the Cabal, or ancient biblical Molech, these demonic, satanic creatures and their human slaves are calling the shots. Only now, are some of us waking up to the truth that some 900,000 thousand children go missing from the surface of this jewel of a planet, each year. Where do they go? What becomes of them? They go down. Their organs are stolen, they become human lab rats, or their terrorized blood is harvested for the elite drug of choice, an elixir of youth – Adrenal chrome.

And who pays for these gigantic underground resources? Why it’s you and I, the ordinary taxpayer, who slaves away unable to escape the grip of the debt banksters, a criminal enterprise, which only now is being exposed for what they truly are, to the public. If you are focused on Liberals and Conservatives, Republicans or Demon-crats, rich and poor, big tech, Hollywood, the Sportster, you might be missing the point. This is a war. This is the war to end all wars. It is Casino Royal, winner takes all. It is not fought with bullets and missiles but with words and information. Pawns no longer, weary of wars started by the evil ones, who make fortunes financing both sides of every conflict, we now know who they are. This is a war for the survival of the human species, for the sparkling planet of water and tree. This is a war between good and evil, between the forces of Godliness and Satan. Between family and wholesome living and barbarism and egos gone riot. We are waking up to what is before us. God speed-loving friends, God speed. We will win. God always wins.

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