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Welcome to your Future!
May 15-16 Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth orbits between the Moon and the Sun. The Moon does not actually provide any light of its own, it reflects the light of the Sun. When the Earth gets in the way, the moon is in darkness. The Lunar Eclipse straddles both day and night, urging us to Embrace the dark to get to the light. A time to Expand, Analyze, Prepare, Trust and Consolidate.

The moon starts entering the shadow of the Earth about 9:30p.m. on May 15 and will reach its peak around 12:15am on May 16. The moon will emerge from the Earth’s shadow at around 3am on May 16. As twilight begins on the morning of May 16, four planets will be visible in the Southeast sky, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.

The Solar eclipse on April 30 marked a new beginning. Keep a journal. It will be much more useful to you than just trying to ‘live in the present’. Otherwise, those brilliant breakthrough ideas might just slide away without allowing them the chance to seed. If one seed doesn’t sprout, open your journal and try another brilliant idea that your received on April 30.
The April 30 eclipse in Aries was a Metamorphosis. The May 15-16 eclipse is a Photosynthesis. The new chapter or beginning of April 30 may not have been as clear as you wanted it to be, the eclipse season window is a conversation between the Interior and Exterior. Life events cause you to shed old identities and gravitate toward new ones, and when you actually experience that shift, it can be intense. It is like falling into something deeper.

Wait…. Something is not right. Something is happening to…. no, with you… if it is not fate, then something is screaming at a frequency level only you can hear and only you can respond to. Listen to the One who knows, the One who is beyond the conscious Self. That craving, that crawling out of your skin, ‘it was meant to be’ feeling.
Moon in Scorpio very emotional.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio doubles down on emotions. Deep seated emotions that need to be brought to the surface in hot blooded and mysterious Scorpio. At the time of the Eclipse, the Moon is at the South lunar Node. Other people will dislodge you from where you are tempted to hide. If you are caught in the comfort zone of complacency, that is the area you must leave. The South lunar Node shows where you are coming from, what you are leaving behind. In Scorpio, leave behind Drama and Tears. A fateful meeting could change the direction of your life. Once you experience the bright light of the Sun (where you should aspire to go) you are tempted to slide back to the comfort and familiar South Node. It is a natural instinct to turn your eyes way from a sudden bright flash of light. Dislodge the emotional and transcend. Time to grow up. Time to be a leader, and do not hesitate to build a new world.
Transcend and Re-Shape

The May 15-16 total Lunar Eclipse is that ‘AHA’ moment that marks the end of a cycle. Something that isn’t working can be marked and cleared or switched out. It is time to view or glimpse your puny, ego-driven affairs and be able to see and re-orient the purposeful flow of your life. Everything might feel like it has collapsed or fallen. Like dust hanging in the air or like water mist, for several weeks. This is about transcending circumstances to reshape consequences. You do not want to come back to this place again. Keep fighting the same battle, the same enemy, again. It is like waking up in a darkened, but familiar room. There is a small ray of sunlight coming through the window and you can see dust floating in the air. As your eyes adjust and your mind orients to the surroundings, you remember being here before. You remember that you found a way out last time (or last few times), and your task is to find your way out again. Maybe the first time, you panicked and jumped through the window. That left you deeply cut and injured. The next time you were here, you left quietly through the side door and followed a path that led you…right back to where you are now. This time, let the sunlight the room and begin to tidy up. Knockdown the cobwebs, dust things off and maybe take a broom and brush up the shattered glass left by the broken window, from your previous departure. As you are clearing the room, re-arrange the furniture and become more comfortable with your current situation. You might find an old book that you never finished reading or writing. It could be the poem that needs to become a song with a melody. You might stumble across a photograph or letter from an old friend that takes on a new meaning. You are not here as a punishment. You are here to become more aware of inner places you haven’t investigated and see your fears. Also see light and actual life events will show you what is possible and are symbols to which you can reorient. Detox old grudges.

Pluto Stationary Retrograde.

Pluto is drilling down hard in a specific area. During her 2022 retrograde, she is stationary at 28 deg. Capricorn. Now if you haven’t cleared that old dusty room out yet, then you might be there until December working on getting it up to Pluto’s approval. So, if you have found yourself back in that same situation. Again. There is a lesson that you have not yet mastered. Pluto is here drilling down hard, digging at the root of the matter. This is the place that you do not want to return to later. If you have already learned the Lesson of Pluto in Capricorn, you may be in a place of fate, to guide another person in a positive life direction.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde at this eclipse. Mercury is in kind of a shadow period, and it will be transiting the eclipsed Sun. Be prepared to be tripped up and on your toes, because this can be a guessing game, a social intellectual process. Everything is synthesizing, the seeds are planted, but the ground has not produced sprouts. You may still be sweeping up or wiping down all the dust and existential cobwebs that the eclipse just lit up in the room. As you tidy up and rearrange, new patterns unveil themselves. Other people in your lives also start revealing parts of themselves as this eclipse is working on them, as well.
Mars during the Eclipse

Mars brings harmonious interest from magic to psychology to mathematics and physics. You need to exchange ideas and experiences. People are persuaded by openness and kindness. Clearly express opinions even at the cost of conflict and quarrel. Mars will be conjunct Neptune, this is Transcendental, higher vibrations, and causing two development directions. First, People search for a higher sense of life for their ideals and can Transcend to a higher level of Consciousness. Second, People who do not manage the higher vibrations and become disoriented and start pulling away from reality. This is very Spiritual and deeply religious. We are all bestowed Great knowledge. People have decisive desire for self-realization. Harmony and peace-making attitudes with peace-building transformation on global scale.
Eclipse Square Saturn – breaking karmic bonds for good.

The more pent up or disconnected from your Life’s Calling you are, the greater the need to erupt from that code. The longer your Natural spirit goes unrecognized or when you are around someone else like that, strange behaviors are evoked. Saturn combines freedom with order. You may also have to fight against principles that somebody else set, to achieve liberation. This eclipse is a time to learn to free yourself from imposed limits. First, find what is in the past structures that prevent you from uniting with the concurrent stream in reaching freedom. It could be that authority figures have divided people into right or wrong individuals.

Eclipse season also brings us in touch with our desires to materialize gifts and blessings. So, while we touch the bottom, we become more aware of inner places we haven’t investigated, and we see our fears. We also see light and actual life events show us what is possible and are symbols to which we can reorient. Detoxing old grudges.

The Eclipse Season will end in the Fall with a Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse (Oct 25). Expect more Scorpio energy at that time. This one could help sort out and relieve complicated feelings. Followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Nov 8). The last Lunar Eclipse of the year in Taurus could help you complete unfinished business before winter.

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