The Stars and Planets for Nissan (April)

Psalm 119

March was a month of cosmic greatness. The March full moon and dark moon Lilith
signaled a great reversal in energy from male to female, the Sun and Pluto said it is time
for a new beginning. It is a difficult task for everyone who lives during a time of change.
We, are living in a time of Great change, making our task even greater. As energy shifts
from straight line male energy to swirling wavy female energy, there is a period of
adjustment for everyone and everything. Be patient, compassionate and ride the higher
energy wave. Avoid getting pulled down into the lower negative energy that will slow you
down from receiving rewards.

April opens with a New Moon in Aries. All the planets are moving in direct motion and
with the Sun in the natural home of Mars, the planet of action and momentum, expect
things to move at a rapid pace all month long. This is the first new moon of the
astrological new year, and signals new beginnings. It is also the first new moon in
female energy. Anything that begins under this new moon will have long term effects
and grow in a big way! This can be very exciting for some, and terrifying for others. The
terror is where the month of April gets difficult, but stay thankful in spirit, open to the
possibility of angels and visions, and be amazed by all of the next level energies coming
in, and welcome a higher level of consciousness.

In March the planets were all grouped together, concentrating energy flow from one
quadrant, of the horoscope. (Male energy) They have now progressed forward and the
flow of energy has split into two camps. This separation of energy flow is the beginning
of a theme that will be long lasting and will be complete in April 2023. The grouping of
planets in March has split into a two prong fork and as the months progress, the
energies will continue to separate until there is a swirl or a wave of energy equally
distributed around the horoscope wheel.(Female energy)

Right now, energy is flowing in two distinct directions. We find Saturn, Mars (warrior
energy) and Venus (strong emotions) in one flow of energy, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury
and Chiron (diplomacy, peace, inner-harmony, healing) in the second flow of energy.
Jupiter and Neptune(enhanced spiritual dimension) form a point of resistance between
the two flows of energy.

Saturn, Mars warrior energy

Saturn is control and Mars is force. This is a difficult placement and it is taking place for
the second time in Aquarius. It is forced control on freedoms. Approximately two years
ago when these two energies came together in Aquarius, we witnessed global
lockdowns forced upon us in the name of health concerns. This April’s Saturn and Mars
conjunction forms aspects to the financial and communication sectors of the horoscope.
Forced control through fear and aggression in the global financial and global
communication sectors seem almost certain this month. We may also see another
surge in the forced control of the global health sector. Venus (Love and compassion) is
also placed next to the warriors. These will be their weapons. Do you love your way of
life? Do you have compassion for the ones suffering in the conflict? Yet, Venus tends to
view situations through rose colored glasses. Tainting the picture to give a specific hue.
Examine closely who is truly suffering, and whose way of life ‘they’ are asking ‘us’ to
preserve. To paraphrase the current leader ‘they’ say must be stopped by ‘us’: ‘They’
consider themselves to be part of a superior race and would sell out their own mother for
a chance to enter the castle of the ‘Elite’ vipers. Those in authority are working at
extreme levels, and demanding too much; while humanity at large has lost patience with
authoritative excesses. The global military force is largely spent. It is still strong enough
to inflict large casualties and damages. This appears like a gambler, recklessly betting
his last assets on one last attempt to gain world control. It seems to be a win-or-die
the situation for the globalists.

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron energy

Intense warrior energy is creating a positive opportunity for personal growth and change.
As we witness tensions build by the hour in the first few days of April, we need to
recognize the tension is External. The storm is raging outside, yet we can find refuge,
balance and harmony in the Internal private sanctuary of our minds. It is their storm,
their making, their cleansing and their fate. Official communications fed to us by
authorities will be designed to tug at our hearts. Love(Venus) is blind, so it is said, and
authorities will use it as another weapon. But our eyes, ears, intellect and gut are
speaking the truth. Look at the flags they wave, emblems they wear and how they
‘salute’ if you want to know the master they serve. We have to get past the initial
emotional(Venus) reaction to reach wisdom that will uncover the false narrative. Some
will follow the false feelings narrative and react impulsively, while others will reach the
higher octave, control their emotions and react with wisdom. Keep cool, and do not
react impulsively. Focus on details, because your heart may be unrealistic and try to
overrule your logic.

Jupiter and Neptune

Jupiter and Neptune are emphasizing spirituality and demanding freedom. This is where
we find true harmony. The spiritual dimension is enhanced, allowing us to lift up above
earthly desires. Jupiter and Neptune make an exact conjunction April 17. This is the day
astrologically, when humanity breaks free from authoritative monetary slavery. We will
find ourselves connecting with others without the need to exchange words. A dream by
an individual can be inspiring, a dream occurring at the same time among many
individuals is a vision. Angels will will lead us where we need to go and show us what to
do in an orderly manner. The Angels will sing in harmony and shine with a bright
glowing light. This is more than intuition, it is an undeniable divine spiritual involvement.
You must be willing to walk away from and let go of earthly entanglements to fully
embrace this massive wave of spirituality. This wave will wash us high onto a new land,
a new age for humanity. April 12-15 we will have to choose which river of energy to flow
in… earthly, tangible, slavery, victimization and war; or trust the spiritual divine light
energy of our origins and that which nourishes, our selfs, our families and our planet.
The wave of spiritual energy that sweeps through from April 14-19 promises to wash
away old structures. Old truths will no longer resonate. This is a wave that will repeat
and wash over us from time to time, lifting our collective consciousness higher each time
it arrives.

Full Moon April 16

The Full Moon on April 16 indicates a ruthless power struggle, and emotions will be
intense. Those in authority are making mistakes and finding it difficult to meet their
goals. Authorities may attempt to cut off communications, but despite their strong power,
their missteps allow false narratives to be exposed. Pluto is square to this Full Moon.
Pluto reveals something very toxic that has been holding us all back. Pluto has been
working to bring out and expose deeply buried sexual and financial secrets of the rich
and powerful. Pluto’s work is far from finished, and will continue well into 2024, digging
deep beneath the surface. Once Pluto’s work at destroying toxic government and
revealing dark secrets is complete, true regeneration can realized.

Lilith and Mars

Lilith moves into Cancer at the Full Moon on April 16; at the same time, Mars enters
Pisces making a link with Lilith. The world’s populations find a piece of missing
information and making quick re-calculations; loudly call for transformation. We gain
knowledge that instinctively makes us start fighting for our family and home, we can
clearly see the enemy. Lilith and Mars makes us feel deeply connected to everyone we
meet in our daily lives, and brings everyone a deep, deep distrust of government
authorities. The shift in signs of both planets shifts energies to acknowledgment of God
as the sole authority. We must have compassion for each other and recognize that while
we all have wounds that will never heal, our wounds can only be soothed by the graces
of God. Diplomacy begins locally, is nurtured and grows under the new female energy
Aries Sun.

At the end of April we enter Eclipse Season.

On April 30 we have a partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. I will discuss this in detail in my
next post. The separation of the spiritually motivated versus the earthly money chasers
will be clear to the spiritual. Those in authority positions will not back down easily, so
stay in the spiritual flow of energy.

The new age has begun, it is growing and it is happening. Stay positive

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