The Light Web and Joseph

We have all heard of the Dark Web, but how about the Light Web, where the news is good, all the time? The story of Joseph and his brothers is a story of the light web, of realizing that even fake news is good.

Joseph recognized his brothers when they came to him to get food for their families. The brothers, who sold Joseph when he was young, didn’t realize that the man in charge of Egypt, the most powerful country in the world at the time, a man with a beard, was in fact, their little brother. So too with us, we don’t see behind the vail, to realize that everything we see, hear, think, is a direct message to us personally from God himself.

If we approach life with a sense of fear, treating all the things that happen to us as disconnected random events, life can be terrifying and tragic. We don’t realize that it is Joseph, our brother who loves us, who we face. If on the other hand, we approach everything with a sense of wonder and hope, all we see is good. This is the Light Web, Godliness.

Everything is a lesson or a blessing, but if we think good, we eventually come to understand that it is good.

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