Solar Eclipse April 30 2022

April closes with a Solar Eclipse. This is a time to surrender to the flow of energies and
accept that change has come! You were born for this. Do not be afraid.

Eclipses always come in pairs, and on May 15-16 we will have a Total Lunar Eclipse.

This April 30 solar eclipse will be visible from Antarctica to South America. It lines up with
Uranus in the constellation of Taurus. The eclipse opens a new chapter and starts a
fresh new beginning. Events in 2022 are happening on a new higher level of energy.
This new moon is no exception. We have seen a complete Power Shift in March from
male to female energy. April energies began a season of Demand for Freedom coupled
with a Separation of spiritual energy from warrior energy. Now we reach a second new
moon in April, and this new moon is a partial eclipse.

A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon align. A solar eclipse appears when the
Moon stands between the Sun and Earth, cutting off the light of the Sun from our
perspective. It is more powerful than a New Moon it is three times more than a New
Moon. Eclipses can bring the happiest and the most heartbreaking moments. They
always bring something you could not have planned for, and something monumental that
changes your life forever. This eclipse occurs at a super moon, meaning that this is the
second new moon in the month of April. A unique ‘harvest moon’. Yes, a harvest moon
in the Spring. Now we close a chapter in our lives, perhaps we close a book. We start a
new beginning and at the same time we harvest the first fruits of the new age.

The Partial Solar Eclipse

This eclipse is occurring very near Uranus in the constellation Taurus, so we can expect
to see Uranus energy magnified. Rapid and extraordinary change (Uranus) in the issues
regarding finance and property (Taurus), changed forever by the Eclipse as the energy
shift continues. The wealthy could suddenly find their assets have no value, and those
without means to provide for necessities could discover their needs being met through
innovation and technology. Sudden or unexpected changes in the global supply chain
may cause it to collapse and local resources and supply chains could gain extreme
value. With the earthly values of Taurus, we will have a keen focus on our elderly, our
children, our homes, and our traditions. We may be bringing the definition of freedom
into some perspective and focus under this eclipse. We will have to consider that
freedom places us in a situation that demands that we depend on ourselves to survive.
Discover your personal power and understand that you can handle these things better
without being under the control of a power figure. Use this Taurus energy to be strong-willed and confident and move forward in a calm, deliberate way. Pursue opportunities
that build your self-esteem and self-worth. Be grateful for what brings pleasure and is
abundantly found everywhere, love, friendship and nature. Find rewards in simple and
physical pleasures like savoring good food; sensual pleasures like smelling the flowers
and listening to the rain; enjoy being in touch with nature and your own body.

Mars influence during Eclipse

Positive aspects to Mars implies that a different attitude about financial prejudice and
selfishness could change forever at this eclipse. The institutions of the past may no
longer have or be a source of money. We can set ourselves up for the future and will
experience an upgrade to how we experience the financial world.

Uranus Energy during Eclipse

Uranus energy seeks to re-organize, and it likes to do things with lightning-fast speed.
Taurus represents the earth, and Uranus’ magnified disruption of the earth could cause
volcanic disruptions or earthquake upheavals. When Uranus energy is resisted or when
we attempt to deny the change Uranus is offering, things get messy. Change under
Uranus energy can be like a pot of soup boiling on a stovetop. If we try to ignore it, the
soup could boil over, or if we try to deny it and put a lid on top, the lid could blow off and
cause quite a mess. If we realize the boiling soup is ready to serve and we accept the
nutrition (accept the change) it offers, we are using the energy wisely. Looking from a
global perspective at this Eclipse, Uranus is boiling over and raging in matters
concerning, technology and futuristic updated methods replacing outdated institutions in
finance; technologically advanced methods in health matters; new (or perhaps old)
innovative approaches to nutrition, energy and communications; different approaches to
how we care of our elderly, children, and ourselves. We may suddenly embrace new
technology or implement innovative approaches that work well for us, so that we can
start living in higher consciousness, being one with our families, with each other, this
earth and being one with our creator. Spiritual power is in control. Flow with the energy.

In a personal horoscope, when this eclipse falls in your house of children, and you want
to become pregnant, this could be a good time to try. When this eclipse falls in your
house of finance, you might find investments produce large gains. When this falls in your
house of social interactions, you may be thrust into the spotlight and be an overnight
status symbol. If the eclipse forms difficult aspects to your birth chart, the eclipse could
bring more heartbreaking moments, like sudden relocation of home (residence), loss of a
job or income, or even a spouse’s unexpected announcement of a divorce. The eclipses
that occur until May 2023 will affect those with planets placed in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio
and Aquarius most significantly. You should look at your birth chart to find where this
eclipse will affect you personally. If you do not already know your birth chart and want to
make one, head over to and put in your birth date, the place you were born
and time of birth (if you know your time of birth). It will give you a fair estimated overview
of your personal birth chart. We each have our personal blockages or intimate touchpoints in our birth charts that set us off or activate us to reach our life purpose, so I
would consult an astrologer for true accuracy.

Spiritually, solar eclipses are exciting, friendly and joyous. As we embark on a vibrant
new path, stay positive and meet this time with enthusiasm and commitment. Whether
the new extraordinary personal path you embark upon at this eclipse begins with the
happiest or the most heartbreaking moment, greet the energy as a time to reorganize.
Decide if this is a new chapter in your story, or if this is where you lift up to a higher level
of consciousness and a new book begins. Then turn the page and Begin. First be. Then
do. When your energies are in alignment with God’s will, your emotions will be at peace

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