Signs for March

Healing, loving energy coming the first week of March.  Dream BIG!  Truth and Freedom are highlighted.  We will get a glimpse of what will happen coming into April.

This year will be a year of great drama for everyone, so it is important that everyone has a personal method of getting to an internal level of calm or bliss.  Whether that be a favorite psalm that you sing or a meditation, have a method in place that you have practiced, because it will be valuable.
Neptune is currently at his home in Pisces.  He is receiving a visit from his brother, Jupiter (the bearer of gifts and good fortune), who will expand Neptune energies.  I will give a more in-depth explanation of Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in a later post.  This is a time to keep a dream journal. We all will be connected to the higher mind and have a connection to a higher perspective.  We are all experiencing a period of the spiritual upgrade.  By April, we will witness a convergence of spiritual prophecy and current events.  A rushing and mighty spiritual water will wash over the earth, sweeping away everything that is not holy in its path within minutes.
This Neptune Jupiter conjunction sits at a square to the north and south lunar nodes.  The lunar nodes have now moved into Taurus, the house of finances, and Scorpio, the house of standards that govern the people.  Jupiter’s expansion of Neptune can give us a clear vision into the government’s manipulation of money.

Earth and Water

There is also an issue with earth and water.  As to water, yes, floods and heavy precipitations, but also an issue with toxicity.  A tendency to spread things.  Water illness or water poisonings.  I doubt these will be organic, but rather man-created chaos.  As to earth, quakes and volcanic eruptions.  These earth movements are signifying that which has been building and fomenting below will finally erupt and spew out in a messy way. This will happen both on the physical planet earth and in all levels of authority.
There is very different energy operating currently as well around Saturn at this time.  Suppression of movement and suppression of speech.  Those in authority will launch false flag attacks.  That will make international travel near impossible, gathering in crowds an illegal act and communicating on social media an offense subject to financial penalty.  This has already taken place in certain areas, but it is about to go global. Note how fast vax and masking requirements started in one part of the world and then spread out globally.  Locally there will be people in the streets protesting.  This does not have to be violent, it can be very peaceful, but the Saturn energy seeks to suppress any movement or speech.  Do not be surprised if the internet censorship reaches the point of censorship of all but government authorized sites.
The good news is that this is all happening at the same time when Pluto is at a degree of exaltation.  Pluto does not settle for the reconstruction of worn-out structures, he demands they be reduced to rubble and rebuilt fresh and new. Old constructs will all be torn down and destroyed forever.  Very intense, almost comic at times.  This is tough and brutal almost primal energy.  Those people (or organizations) who do not have a spiritual root, will go deeply primal.  People who vibrate at a higher frequency will welcome the collapse of the Old Order and stand clear as they watch it crumble and fall. Power play and manipulation happening, but this shall pass by Aug. 2023.

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