Why is Isaac connected to the Great Awakening, to the days of the Moshiach?  Isaac is the middle father.  Born to Avraham, half-brother of Ismael, he gave birth to Esau and Jacob.  Avraham represents the sferos of Chesed, the aspect of kindness.  Isaac is Gevurah, on the female side of the tree of life, which represents the aspect of severity.  It is through our dark trials, through this severity that the greatest light is revealed.  The greatest revelation or personal ascension comes through difficult trials.


Isaac never left the Holy Land.  He dug wells.  He removed blockages between man and God so that water could flow freely. It was he that Avraham brought to Mt. Moriah as a sacrifice.

God said no, but through Avraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son, we can prove to those who worship Molech, the Cabal, Deep State, the Illuminati, both that we are willing to do God’s bidding without question, and that we do not sacrifice children.  The Deep State, the Satanists, run children through the fire.  They use children to make Adrenal Chrome and worse.  Isaac represents pure Holiness -the awe of the Creator.  In the time to come, the time of Moshiach, we will spend our days learning about the Creator, digging wells, so to speak, revealing the natural flow of existence.  We will, and are starting to live with the knowledge that Hashem, God and Godliness are the only true existence. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.


November fifth is the start of the month of Kislev on the Jewish Calendar.  This is a month of miracles, Chanuka starts in Kislev, and represents the victory over an enemy, like the Deep State, which appears to be stronger.  In truth, nothing can stop people united behind God

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