The Age of Aquarius

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in humanity’s evolution, a tipping point, a quantum leap; a transformation.

Some of us can see this imminent ‘awakening’ and it has not only become our reality, it has become the motive for our current existence. Everything that is happening we see through the lens of this extremely necessary evolutionary change that is finally here to transform us, and the world for the better.

We not only hold it as our truth, we try to bring it to light for others to see and embrace. It is critical after all, that more and more people switch to this reality; collective consciousness is the most powerful engine of creation, and one we must use to save ourselves.

But we are cognitive of the fact that this is a reality that only some of us are experiencing. Many others cannot see it or understand it. In fact, it’s not even registering with them, so just as if we lived in parallel universes, some go about life suffering and accepting the situation with no awareness, no true understanding and no appreciation of how everything is about to change, whilst others are acutely aware of how important it is to seek truth, to claim sovereignty, to reject this dystopian reality and to raise our frequencies to match the reality we seek.

Those of us that see how humanity is about to go through a metamorphosis comparable to that which the worm experiences to become a butterfly have had to face many difficult moments to get here. The journey has not been easy. It takes courage to face certain truths and humility to accept that a lot of what you had based your life on, was a lie.

Only when you are willing to let go of everything you were taught and look at things with an open mind and an honest heart, can you begin the journey of awakening.

As you do, bear in mind, you are indeed stepping into another reality and the further you go, the further apart you will move from those that have still not started the journey.

You are taking a road less traveled, away from the mainstream, a road out of the matrix. Congratulations.

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